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PC Reallocation
Moving and don’t know how to re-install all those computer cables? Give yourself a break. Call us. Let Quyda-Next Level Computer Support handle the job for you. We specialize in helping to properly re-install your system but we can also help move your existing data and email to your new computer.


Technical studies show that there are pesky new viruses introduced to our computer networks everyday. These debilitating viruses can slow down your computer or worst, eliminate precious data from your system. At Quyda-Next Level Computer Support we can remove viruses from your computer system by utilizing the latest award-winning anti-virus software. And we don’t just use one anti-virus software, we combine at least two or more anti-virus software systems to assure that your computer is absolutely free of the viruses that can not only reek havoc on your system but in some cases, disable a computer system entirely.


Most computer users agree that spyware is annoying. But did you know that spyware, apart from slowing your computer down, is smart enough to be able to copy your key stroke, imitate your internet habits and cause unwanted pop-up ads? With assistance from Quyda-Next Level Computer Support, we can remove even the smartest spyware, in addition to providing you with the anti-spyware and privacy education to protect you during your internet usage.

Home network installation and set-up

Have a bunch of wire and don’t know where they go? Forget about confusing wiring. We do professional installation of wiring that can actually optimize your network speed! Plus all file and printing sharing is easily catered to your request.

Internet Setup

Have you just moved into a new house and don't yet have internet service? Quyda-Next Level Computer Support can help you connect with the best Internet Service Providers--and get a free port not normally available in certain areas. We can also create a personalized contract for you in a timely manner that will save you money. Don't be fooled: not all ISP providers are the same. We can help you choose the most optimal package to meet your ISP needs.

Internet trouble-shooting

Do you have an unstable internet connection that is a nightmare to everyone--yet your technology support speaks in a language you just don't understand? Why not let Quyda-Next Level Computer Support's top of the line, simple to understand support staff come in and do all the trouble-shooting for you? Our computer experts have the ability to effectively find the source of your computer problem and we have the service support to fix it.

Data Recovery

Accidentally delete that critical financial report or an important document that you have to get to your boss the next morning? Quyda-Next Level Computer Support can help you recover those files you’ve accidentally deleted. We utilize award-winning technologies that have a high success rate when it comes to recovering lost data. If this is your situation, DO NOT make the mistake of attempting to recover the data yourself with cheap software. One phone call to our professional support staff may be all the help you need. We're the experts in data retrieval. This service may also require a data back-up.

Password Recovery


Forgot your password and your computer is locked up? We can help you reset Windows password--and recovery most password forms. This depends on your password complexity. Please contact us for details.


Data back-up


Affordable priced data back-up with your data burned onto a quality CDR or DVD media. Our back-up rate is 1 cent/Megabyte.




" Discovering the Quyda made my computer and technical adjustment to Hanoi quick and stress free. Dao Anh Quy’s combination to speak English well, technical expertise and ability to research information quickly also serviced me with cable and a DVD player. I found his service to be professional and excellent in every way"

Stacie John

" I can highly recommend Mr Quy - he is fast, efficient, polite - and really knows what he's doing! Quy takes customer service very seriously and has a great business attitude. An extra bonus is that he speaks English very well and can explain all the options for getting your computer back to work. I wish him all the very best. "

Marie - Bookworm Hanoi

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